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Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is such a profound moment in the lives, and relationship, of two people, that the ceremony also should be thoughtful, reflective, and personalized.  It would be a pleasure for me to assist you in the planning for such an important occasion.  I have officiated at scores of weddings over the years; yet, each being unique and deserving of complete care and attention.


I am happy to accommodate the wishes of couples who come to me.  Whether it is a simple ceremony or one that is more elaborate and formal, secular, spiritual, religious, interreligious, or Celtic or native in form, I will work to make it perfect for you.  I embrace diversity of all sorts and celebrate the specialness of commitment in all loving relationships.


Whether your setting is ocean side or by a lake; in a meadow or on a mountain ledge, or, in the more traditional setting of chapel or banquet hall, I am most eager to welcome you and to work with you.

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Massachusetts' Marriage Requirements

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